Living a balanced life
For a very long time.
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Definitive Weight Management
Through the Process of
Hunger Awareness Training
The Booklet

Chinese Medicine 
for the Modern World
A Practical Understanding of the Language and Theory 
as Applied to Common Health Problems
 in the 21st Century

Avoiding Death Indefinitely
7 Principles That Will Prepare You for
 the Approaching Age of Unlimited Life Extension

The Workbook of Chinese Herbs
A Fun Innovative System For Memorizing
 All Individual Herbal Information 
That Is Required for the 
California State Licensing Exam
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Definitive Weight Management

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Chinese Medicine
for the
Modern World

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Fitness Training

While exercise is not at all necessary for successful weight management, fitness training is essential for a healthy mind and body.

We at Definitive Weight Management are invested in your overall health and well-being.  Visit our 
fitness training page