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E Douglas Kihn
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Weight Management Specialist

The New Rules of Sex 
by Lauren Brim 
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Books by E Douglas Kihn

Definitive Weight Management
Through the Process of
Hunger Awareness Training
The Booklet

Chinese Medicine 
for the Modern World
A Practical Understanding of the Language and Theory 
as Applied to Common Health Problems
 in the 21st Century

Avoiding Death Indefinitely
7 Principles That Will Prepare You for
 the Approaching Age of Unlimited Life Extension

The Workbook of Chinese Herbs
A Fun Innovative System For Memorizing
 All Individual Herbal Information 
That Is Required for the 
California State Licensing Exam
Definitive weight management
through the process of
Hunger Awareness Training

More than two decades ago, I discovered that the body itself knows how to get lean and stay lean, without any nutritional knowledge, change of diet, taking of supplements, or increase in exercise. I also discovered that by listening and trusting oneself in this way, self-esteem is enhanced and that many physical and emotional problems clear up by themselves.

So this is what we teach people - to trust their own inner, infallible expert and reach their weight and health goals instinctively and naturally.

Some get it right away but most require several weekly sessions averaging between 6 and 12 in number. Skype is very useful in this regard.  We work with people all over the world, in English and Spanish.

You can expect to lose a pound a week on this program, while rediscovering self-trust and self-reliance.

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