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E Douglas Kihn
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The New Rules of Sex 
by Lauren Brim 
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Hunger  Awareness Training

More than two decades ago, I discovered that the body itself knows how to get lean and stay lean, without any nutritional knowledge, change of diet, taking of supplements, or increase in exercise. I also discovered that by listening and trusting oneself in this way, self-esteem is enhanced and that many physical and emotional problems clear up by themselves.

So this is what we teach people - to trust their own inner, infallible expert and reach their weight and health goals instinctively and naturally.

Some get it right away but most require several weekly sessions averaging between 6 and 12 in number. Skype is very useful in this regard, although we do also practice acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and shiatsu massage and will combine modalities for in-person sessions.

The initial consultation is free.  We charge $360 for the first six-week session which you can purchase from the Hunger Awareness page on the Navigation Menu.

You can expect to lose a pound a week on this program.

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For a very long time.
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