E Douglas Kihn

Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Wellness Coach

About myself

I write.
Therefore, I am.

I dance.
Therefore, I love.

I help people.
Therefore, I am useful.
Favorite Novels
Richard Sharpe series - Cornwell
1984 - Orwell
Animal Farm - Orwell
Three Musketeers - Dumas
Rome series - McCullough
Aubrey/Maturin series - O'Brien
Conan series -  Howard
Robinson Crusoe - Defoe
Catch 22 - Heller
Lord of the Flies - Golding
Saxon Tales series- Cornwell
Alatriste series - Perez-Rivera
Silver Pigs series - Davis
Jeeves series - Wodehouse
Gulag Archipelago - Solzhenitsyn
Grail Quest series - Cornwell
Travis McGee series - MacDonald
Hanta Yo - Hill
Agincourt - Cornwell
Roman Blood mysteries - Saylor
The Source - Michener
Jitterbug Perfume - Robbins
Eaters of the Dead - Crichton
Two Years Before the Mast - Dana
Judge Dee mysteries - van Gulik
Dracula - Stoker
Simplicius - Grimmelshausen
Siddhartha - Hesse
Journey to Ixtlan - Casteneda
Sea Wolf - London
Lest Darkness Falls - DeCamp
Favorite Films
2001: A Space Odyssey
Spartacus - Kubrick
Gladiator - Scott
Dr. Strangelove
Swept Away - Wertmueller
Much Ado About Nothing - 1993
Paths of Glory
Galaxy Quest
Alien series
Now Voyager - 1942
King Kong - 1933
The Invisible Man - 1933
Unforgiven - 1992
Young Frankenstein
The Birds - Hitchcock
The Exorcist
Jurassic Park series
Master and Commander
Indiana Jones series
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
​For Whom the Bell Tolls - 1943
Last Temptation of Christ - 1988
Blade Runner
The Duellists - 1977
Star Wars series
Treasure Island - 1950
Dances With Wolves
Robin Hood - 1938
Shakespeare in Love
Men in Black 1 & 2
Lawrence of Arabia
Lion in Winter
Boogie Nights
Blackboard Jungle
TV Shows of All Time

1. Star Trek
2. Monty Python's Flying Circus
3. Star Trek - The Next Generation
4. Rome - HBO
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Influential Non-Fiction
Zealot - Aslan
The Fight Against Fascism in Germany
    - Trotsky
Future Shock - Toffler
Origen of the Family, Private Property,     and the State - Engels
The New Rules of Sex - Brim
The Singularity is Near - Kurzweil
Chalice and the Blade - Reisner
Gallic Wars - Caesar
The Forest People - Turnbull
The Russian Revolution - Trotsky
The Revolution Betrayed - Trotsky
History of the Roman Republic - Livy
​Satires - Juvenal
A Distant Mirror - Tuchman
Anabasis - Xenophon
History of the Peloponnesian War -     Thucydides
Annals and Histories - Tacitus
Autobiography of Malcolm X
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