Articles & Interviews

"The Political Roots of American Obesity" 
   on radio station WMNF in Tampa Bay, FL
"Chinese Medicine for Americans" with Joel Penner, OMD, LAc on YouTube
Published Articles on Health Issues

"The Political Roots of American Obesity" in
        The pamphlet version in downloadable PDF
"The Healing Role of Human Instinct" in Acupuncture Today
"The American Syndrome" in
"Obesity is a Shen Problem" in Acupuncture Today
"The Curse of American Nutritionism" in
"Eliminating Gastroesophageal Disease with Hunger Awareness Training" 
         in Acupuncture Today
"Understanding and Resolving Common Hypoglycemia" in
"Excess vs. Deficiency in America" in California Journal of Oriental Medicine.
"Putting the Big Hurt on Uterine and Ovarian Cysts" in Acupuncture Today.
"The Deficiency Myth" in Acupuncture Today.
Unpublished Articles

"The Three Life Imperatives" available here.
"Honoring the Drinking Instincts" available here.
"Moon, Menses, and Malicious Sperm available here.
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