Next Workshop:

Sunday June 11, 10am to 5pm
West L.A.

Cost:  $100  Pre-paid;  $120 at the door.

The all-day workshop is led by Dr. E Douglas Kihn, author of the forthcoming book Chinese Medicine for the Modern World.

The Agenda:

*The International Obesity/Overweight Epidemic
*The Failure of Dieting, Calorie-burning Exercises, Supplements, and Willpower
*The Theory of Yin/Yang & Eight Principles
*The Biological Advantages and Disadvantages of Excess Yin
*Two Healthy and Three Unhealthy Reasons for Eating
            Lunch Break
*Three Questions to Determine Hunger or No Hunger
*The Three Ubiquitous and Connected Chinese Syndromes
*The Three Eating Instincts and the Role of Self-trust
*The HAT log
*The Dry Spleen and the Optimal Lean Zone
*Reasons People Succeed

Seating is limited.  Reserve your place now.

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