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We at Definitive Weight Management seek to define weight management protocols for all people for all time to come. The roots of Definitive Weight Management are found in Chinese medicine, a holistic tradition that treats mind and body as an integrated whole, with each part affecting every other part.

While we reject standard approaches to fat-loss such as dieting, calorie-burning exercises, the prescribing of supplements and foods for weight loss, surgery, and genetic manipulation, we also reject conventional exercise regimens that waste precious time and that deplete energy reserves that are necessary for workout recovery.

Dr. E Douglas Kihn is a fitness trainer certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Personal training at your home gym will cost $100 per session.  Distance-training supervision will cost $30 for two months.  Session includes the pamphlet "High Intensity Training

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Contents of "High Intensity Training"

Section I. Introduction
  • A. Three vital reasons for the DWM Fitness Workout
  • B. Some basic facts to consider before beginning
  • C. The three rules of the DWM Fitness Workout
Section II. The three pillars of physical fitness
  • A. Strength training
  • B. Endurance training
  • C. Flexibility training
Appendix A – Yin and yang theory
Appendix B – Sample training schedules
Appendix C – Frequently asked questions

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