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Chinese Medicine for Americans:  A Practical Understanding of the Language and Theory as Applied to Common Health Problems in 21st Century United States.
Copyright  2011 E Douglas Kihn
E-book, PDF; 219 pages.
Price $10.
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Chinese Medicine
for Americans

By E Doujglas Kihn
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

7 Principles 
That Will Prepare You For The Approaching Age of Unlimited Life Extension

E Douglas Kihn
Avoiding Death Indefinitely:  7 Principles That Will Prepare You for the Approaching Age of Unlimited Life Extension.
Copyright 2008 E Douglas Kihn
E-Book, PDF; 214 pages.
Price $10.
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The Workbook
Chinese Herbs

By E Douglas Kihn
The Workbook of Chinese Herbs:  A Fun Innovative System For Memorizing All Individual Herbal Information That Is Required for the California State Licensing Exam.
Copyright 1987, 1997 E Douglas Kihn
E-Book, PDF; 317 pages.
Price $10.
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Beyond Diet and Exercise!  
Natural Weight Management - The Pamphlet
The revolutionary system for helping people get lean and stay lean without dieting, exercising to burn calories, counting calories, or exercising willpower. Eat anything you want, eliminate toxic material, and reintegrate body and mind. Copyright 2013 E Douglas Kihn. PDF pamphlet of 32 pages. To read/download the free pamphlet, Click here.
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